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Eco-Friendly Diamond Jewellery

In the current scenario, sustainability and jewellery are two mutually exclusive terms. This is because mining of metals from the earth’s crust makes the jewellery industry one of the dirtiest of the lot when it comes to environmental degradation.

When the jewellery is of diamond, then it is a double whammy. First, the metal needs to be mined (like gold, silver, etc.) and then the diamond too, needs to be dug out, HURTING AND EXPLOITING THE MOTHER EARTH, NOT ONCE BUT TWICE.

It is commonly reported that to extract 1 carat of diamond an enormous 1750 tons of earth need to be dug out. That’s a LOT!!!

In most of the cases, the mines are located inside the forests, the residential areas or in their vicinity, the agricultural lands and even under the lakes and other water bodies. One can imagine the impact digging so massively will have on the places.

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Beautiful 3D Flower Lab Grown Diamond Earring (0.10 ct)

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