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Each section on the left takes you on a journey to understand different aspects related to lab-grown diamonds and addresses questions that may arise in a buyers mind. 

4Cs Is Old School, 5Cs Is The Better Way

Every DIAMOND LOVER is generally aware of the 4Cs. They must always be taken into consideration when making a decision to purchase diamonds. But what if we tell you, that’s the old formula that you shouldn’t be using anymore.

Traditional diamond mining is the most energy extensive process and wreaks havoc on the planet. The continuous, indiscriminate practice of mining was simply not sustainable decades back, and today, when environmental concerns have become a major issue drawing the undivided attention of the whole globe, turning a blind eye to it would prove to be fatal.

Below is a brief on each of the 5 Cs;






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Classic Celtic Knot Lab Grown Diamond Earring (0.38 ct)

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Classic Celtic Knot Lab Grown Diamond Earring (0.38 ct)

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