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Vegan Diamond Jewellery

Over the years, veganism has been a tremendously growing trend, especially among the millennials. The love for the innocent animals, rising conscientiousness and ridding oneself from the BAD KARMA are some of the most common reasons for this shift. 

Many vegans have already said NO to the sparkling diamonds knowing the dark side of the diamond industry. But, it is not just vegans who are giving up on diamonds. Millennials, who are fast turning out as conscientious buyers, don’t want to adorn something that is bloody and ridden with negative environmental impact, human rights abuses, active conflict and illegal trade.

But, there is still a large chunk of people, including vegans, who are not aware of the darkness behind the glittering diamonds, which make them buy mined diamonds only to regret their decision later.

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Classic Multi Stud Lab Grown Diamond Earring (0.1- 0.5 ct)

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Classic Multi Stud Lab Grown Diamond Earring (0.1- 0.5 ct)

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