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Environmental Impact of Diamond Jewellery

Do you know for extracting 1 carat of diamond, a whopping 1750 tons of earth need to be dug up? Every year, around 150 million carats of diamond are extracted. One can imagine the level of destruction happens because of this.

To contribute further to this already degrading ecosystem, the mineral waste coming out of the mines proves hazardous not just to the human population living in the vicinity, but also to the animals and birds who feed in that land. Worst hit from the mineral wastes are the water bodies, which often becomes a cause for diseases and outbreak of epidemics.

Because of intense mining, the top layer of the soil, which is responsible for agricultural produce, also gets lost and the land becomes barren. To top it all, when the mine depletes, they are just abandoned like big open pits, collecting rainwater whose stagnation results in malaria and other diseases.


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