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Recycled Metals & Why We Use Them

We at DOVE DIAMOND use recycled metals to create finest quality hand-made jewellery that leaves minimum impact on the environment. The very fact that the metals are recycled does not mean that they are inferior in quality or lack luster or sparkle. Rather, the recycled metals we use are of premium grade and their appearance is as pleasing as that of a freshly mined gold or silver.

With the use of lab-grown dove diamonds along with recycled metals helps make DOVE DIAMOND one of the very few companies which makes ZERO contribution to mining. By not contributing to metal mining, we save around 98% of carbon emission, which is a huge success in itself.

Why We Use Recycled Metals

Sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. For us, anything that compromises the planet can never be a luxury and can never be beautiful. Being eco-friendly should not just be a preferred feature but something indispensable in today’s scenario.

Mining not just leaves a negative impact on the environment, but rather it makes things difficult for humans as well as animals. On the one hand where it makes the land barren and topsoil infertile with the spilling of millions of tons of mineral waste, whereas on the other hand, it proves to be a risky job which many poor are forced to do in order to feed their families. Working in subhuman conditions for as low as $1 a day, without any protective gear, speaks volumes about the injustices to human beings mining is directly responsible for.

When it comes to animals, the impact is equally horrible. Within the African continent, the population of western chimpanzees have witnessed a whopping 80% decline in a span of just 25 years. No wonder the area is full of gold, bauxite, diamond and other precious metal and mineral reserves.

For these, extremely important reasons, DOVE DIAMOND only uses premium grade, but recycled metals.

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