Lab-Grown Diamonds vs Cubic Zirconias

Out of ignorance, many people consider cubic zirconias as lab-grown diamonds. The difference between the cubic zirconia and lab-grown diamonds can be compared to the difference between REXINE (a kind of faux leather) and LEATHER.

Both do share some sort of similarity in terms of physical appearance, yet when it comes to durability, strength and performance, leather is far ahead when compared to rexine.

Similarly, the only similarity between cubic zirconias and lab-grown diamonds is that they look the same to some extent. Besides this, their COMPOSITION IS DIFFERENT, their CHEMICAL PROPERTIES ARE DIFFERENT, their OPTICAL PROPERTIES ARE DIFFERENT, their HARDNESS IS DIFFERENT and their DURABILITY IS DIFFERENT. In short, they are no way comparable to each other.

The most basic difference between the two is the composition. Lab-grown diamonds are made of carbon, whereas cubic zirconia is a form of zirconium dioxide. This fundamental difference makes their properties very different from each other.

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