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Lab-Grown Diamonds vs Moissanites

Moissanite is another diamond resembling crystal that often perplexes the buyer. Again the only exact similarity between the two is that both have been created in the laboratories and do not have a natural origin.

Despite the fact that they look very similar, they can be easily identified with the naked eye, because the brilliance of a moissanite is high compared to the lab-grown diamond.

Whenever we compare lab-grown diamonds with any other similar looking crystal, then the catchphrase “A Diamond is Forever” proves to be the most apt.

The COLOUR of a lab-grown diamond remains the same, no matter how many years have passed, however, a moissanite begins to change its colour with time and with temperature. Though the changes are temporary, often they leave a permanent impact.

As for the HARDNESS, moissanite are harder than cubic zirconias, yet not as hard as the diamonds. The cut in the moissanite are smooth and sharp, comparable to the lab-grown diamonds.

The REFRACTIVE INDEX of a moissanite is higher than diamonds, making it shine more when the light falls. Because of higher refractive index, a moissanite often displays a rainbow effect, that makes it look fake.

When it comes to being SCRATCH PROOF, diamonds are less susceptible to scratches because of their hardness, whereas moissanite are more likely to get scratches.


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