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Can Vegans Buy Diamonds?

Many vegans have already said NO to the sparkling diamonds knowing the dark side of the diamond industry.

But what if someone tells you – Diamonds Can Be Vegan!

No No – We are not talking about crystals or other similar looking fake jewellery, we mean actual, real diamonds.

Not buying diamonds anymore because they harm the environment & wildlife? You can still have DIAMONDS without compromising on the values you stand for!

And by the way, it is not just vegans who are giving up on diamonds. Millennials, who are fast turning out as conscientious buyers, don’t want to adorn something that is bloody and ridden with negative environmental impact, human rights abuses, active conflict and illegal trade.

Many, including vegans, do not know the harmful impact diamonds leave on the planet, humans and animals and they go for diamonds only to regret their decision later.

But, do you know there is still a large chunk of people, including vegans, who are not aware of the darkness behind the glittering diamonds,which make them buy mined diamonds only to regret their decision later.

In addition to it, many have a perception that a Kimberley Certification ensures an ethically-clean diamond.

Aren’t Kimberley Certified diamonds ethically clean? Unfortunately NO!

Back in 2017, Joanne Lebert, Executive Director of IMPACT (the organization that was a part of Kimberley Certification since its inception) made the following statement and walked out of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

“The Kimberley Process – and its Certificate – has lost its legitimacy. The internal controls that governments conform to do not provide the evidence of traceability and due diligence needed to ensure a clean, conflict-free and legal diamond supply chain. Consumers have been given a false confidence about where their diamonds come from.”

Earth-mined diamonds have played a 360° role in destroying everything that must have been safeguarded.

The problem with the Kimberley Process is that you cannot be sure about the origin of diamond. Meaning, you do not know whether a population has been forcefully displaced, an animal habitat destroyed or environment compromised while extracting the diamonds.

The definition of the conflict diamond is so narrow that it does not take into account such violations.

Not sure what we are talking about? Below is a brief account of how earth-mined diamonds have played a 360° role in destroying everything that must have been safeguarded.

How Mined Diamonds Impact Environment?

Mining significantly impacts the earth and the ecosystem. And if it happens to be unregulated, then the destruction and devastation is just unpredictable.

1 Carat of Mined Diamond = 1750 Tons of Dug Earth

Not only it strips the entire land with its fertility, because of the removal of the top layer of the soil, but it also leads to huge amounts of mineral waste that has disastrous impact not only on the environment, but on the people living in the vicinity.

At the same time, diamond extraction requires a lot of water. On an average, a carat of diamond requires 2500 litres of water. Every year, roughly a whopping 140 million carats of diamond is extracted from the belly of the earth, which results in the consumption of 350,000 million litres of water every year. As more than 1.1 billion people across the globe don’t have access to clean water, and much of the diamond comes from the water scarce African region, the water can certainly be used for the quench the basic needs of the people.

Air and water pollution is the most obvious impact of diamond mining and extraction.

How Mined Diamonds Impact Animals?

Diamond mining impacts animals too. Being present inside the earth’s crust, all it requires is a slight intuition or just a mere doubt of the possibility of the presence of diamonds inside an animal habitat to destroy it completely.

Polluted water bodies severely impact aquatic lives often leading to large scale deaths of fishes and other organisms.

Back in 2016, the lake of Gahcho Kue was drained out completely leading to the death of more than 18000 fishes, just to begin the process of digging for the extraction of diamonds.

Besides, often the digging process hampers the migratory routes of animals, making it further difficult for them to survive and reproduce. Reports prove that the diamond mining has led to the diversion of traditional routes of the migrating caribous by almost 10km.

How Mined Diamonds Impact Humans?

The worst hit because of diamond mining are humans. One is a direct impact, while the other one is a little indirect. The mine workers are work in one of the most dangerous working situations that too at a handful of money. There wages range normally from $1 – $2 a day, while they risk their lives.

Besides, those living in the areas close to mining face with serious health issues and challenges. The mineral waste along with the polluted air and water make life difficult for the people.

Interestingly, a mine is not hazardous till the time it is operating, but even after the work stops. There are thousands of abandoned mining pits in Kono region of Sierra Leone where rain water gets collected and have now become a source of malaria and dengue.

Forceful displacement of people is another common practice associated with diamond mining.

Does That Mean A Vegan Cannot Buy Diamonds?

The answer is a yes and a no, both

For a mined diamond, considering the diamond industry to be dark, it is highly unlikely that it does not involve harming animals or humans. Even if it does not do any harm to animals or animals, for the sake of argument, then there is no denying the fact that it leaves a damaging impact on the environment.

Mined diamonds are in no way sustainable and its continuous demand does not augur well, neither for the planet, nor for humans and animals.

To conclude, whether you care about this planet, animals or humanity, Lab Grown Diamonds are the only choice. At Dove Diamond WE GO BEYOND, in not only using the most ethical sourced Diamonds and Recycled Precious Metals like Gold, but to help ensure we give back to this planet to become the world’s first ZERO Carbon Footprint, Slavery Free and Vegan Friendly Dimaond Jewelry. 

DOVE DIAMOND is not just a Diamond Jewellery, but a movement for justice, and symbol of ‘untainted’ expression of love.

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