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Is Your Jewellery Hurting Animals?

Diamond mining impacts animals too. Being present inside the earth’s crust, all it requires is a slight intuition or just a mere doubt of the possibility of the presence of diamonds inside an animal habitat to destroy it completely.

Polluted water bodies severely impact aquatic lives often leading to large scale deaths of fishes and other organisms.

Back in 2016, the lake of Gahcho Kue was drained out completely leading to the death of more than 18000 fishes, just to begin the process of digging for the extraction of diamonds.

Unfortunately, diamonds occur in natural unique environments and what that means is that the entire ecosystem of that area is going to get disturbed from mining. Because it is not just the act of mining, but the other aspects like mineral waste, deforestation, digging of the earth, etc. that become a part of its infrastructure.

The rising rate of deforestation is alarming and the decreasing forest area impacts wildlife directly.

Besides, often the digging process hampers the migratory routes of animals, making it further difficult for them to survive and reproduce. Reports prove that the diamond mining has led to the diversion of traditional routes of the migrating caribous by almost 10km.

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