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Is Your Diamond Associated with Bad Luck?

Would you prefer wearing a diamond jewellery that is picked up from a mine in Africa by a 7 year old school drop out by risking his life? Or would you be comfortable if you know that an entire village was forcibly displaced from their homes in order to mine the earth for diamonds? Or would you not cringe when you realise that an entire lake was emptied and thousands of fishes and aquatic animals died in order to mine a diamond that currently glitters on your fingers or neck?

Unfortunately, most of the diamonds reaching the retail market cannot be traced back to the mine from which it has been extracted, which means you may never know whether the diamond you are wearing is directly responsible for the suffering of either the humans or the animals.

Without doubt, such diamonds, whose origin is stained with the blood of humans or animals , may never be able to bring in the positive energies in the lives of the owner. And gifting such diamonds to the loved ones may not be good for them.

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